SideKick Travel Organiser Set 5pc – Pink

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Storage is no longer a problem when travelling. With a pull of a string, a zip of a compartment and expansion of a backpack all your goods can be easily packaged. This 5-piece travel bag comes with 5 different carrier bag options. A digital storage handheld bag, a cosmetic pouch storage, a sock storage draw string holder, underwear storage zip up bag and a cloth storage handheld travel bag. The great thing with this set is that it has a variety of different shaped storage bags of different sizes and closing mechanisms. Use this set for clothing, cosmetics, toweling, digital cords and more. These bags are also useful for the beach and fun days with family and friends. This set is an all-round useful gift for anyone and folds up into a rectangle bag for easy home storage. All inserts are expandable and durable to carry as much as possible.