Ring Fill Light


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Create the perfect lighting with this ring fill light. Featuring three settings – warm light, white light, and soft light – you can choose what theme to use in your photo. The adjustable stand allows for comfort and is very durable, while the adjustable arm allows for customization. Widely used for fashion photography, wedding art, advertisement photography, video recordings, and more, it is perfect for professional and personal usage. Create the perfect light while you stream, a selfie that doesn’t need a filter, or upgrade the look of your portfolio with this ring light.



Perfect lighting

Three settings – warm, white, and soft light

Low heat production

Extendable and adjustable stand

Flexible arm to allow changing positions

No ultraviolet rays or infared light radiation

Perfect for the perfect selfie, for streaming your videos, recording videos, taking photographs, etc.

Widely used to apply outdoor photo light, wedding art, advertisement photography, fashion photography, etc.


What’s in the box:

1 x Ring fill light

1 x Metal Stand



Packaging Size: 56.5 x 29 x 60 cm

Product size: Diameter: 26 cm; Height: 2.1 meters

Packaging Weight: 1.08 kg (Ring light 0.4 and metal stand 0.68)

Product Weight: 1 kg (Ring light 0.36 and metal stand 0.64)

Light source type: LED

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Load bearing: 2 kg

Power: 12W

Interface 1/4

Power Supply: USB